What is Carpeta Médica?
It's a web app that allows physicians to manage medical records via internet. You can access the app from a PC, or any mobile device.

Getting started?
You have to register by using a valid e-mail adress as the user name and a password.

How can I access the app and my records?
You have to login from the access page using your username and password.

Which is the purpose of this web app?
To bring a free app available anywhere for all the physicians.

How is it funded?
By donations.

What's about security?
Each user can access his own records and no others.

You can use a code instead of the name of the patient. You can built this code whith the first

letter of the names and surname follow by the birthday.

For example:

Patient:  Juan Carlos Perezz 01/02/77
Code: JCP010277